Learn System Design to
Turn 'Enemies' at Work into Allies

Learn system design
5 Session Live Course

The Systems Thinking Model is perfect for frustrated operation strategists who want to quickly solve problems in their organisation and build repeatable systems and processes for increased efficiency and communication.

Words can get lost in translation, which means communication breaks down and problem persist. A visual can help your counterparts in the negotiation of problem solving, so they can literally see what you see and empathize with the issue at hand.

We'll use the Causal Loop theory to build the tools for rapid problem solving and communication.

All of the good and all of the bad that comes out of a system is a direct result of its structure. 

In this course I’ll take you through 3 models that will help you think, design and change systems that actually make a difference.

Meet your mentor

Asmara Kazmi

I talk about systems, make niche sci-fi jokes when it suits me and invite people to think differently. In work, I help soloprenuers get their sh** together through better process and platform design 🖖

Fun fact: I do something new every day. Six months strong and counting!

Sessions schedule

Introductions and hellos

Setting the stage - who are we, why are we here Available Resources - books, supplemental materials Looking Ahead - high-level outline of the upcoming sessions

Systems Thinking

Learn about key vocabulary for understanding systems Sampling of different ways systems have been conceptualized (archetypes, viable systems, etc) Interdisciplinary thinking tips Assignment: Read Matthew Syed; Rebel Ideas

Systems Design

What effective thinking tells us about design Do’s and Dont’s of Effective Design How does scale impact how we design Resources: How to design systems that don’t suck (recording) Exploring the inner workings of systems and the words of wisdom from best sellers - Matthew Syed; Rebel Ideas, The simplicity principle; six steps for simplicity by Julia Hobsbawm and Smart Thinking; Art Markman 📚

Systems Change

Systemic Leverage Points Intro/Review Practical Strategies for Igniting Change Tips for Managing Change Develop a way to design and implement systems that solve real problems and produce direct results - in your business, your team or your community group.


Let’s put it all together. What have we learned and where can you go from here?

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Learn System Design to Turn 'Enemies' at Work into Allies

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