Change Everything

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Donna Morton

Catalyst, Coach and Serial entrepreneur/ co-founder; Ashoka, Unreasonable, Ogunte fellow. We must align capital at scale with protecting life and human dignity and community sovereignty. Dedicated to intergenerational equity, entrepreneurship diverse genius and Indigenous wisdom. We need to look to the edges for wisdom, capacity and residency, the center will not hold. I work on wicked problems, community solutions and heart led stories in support of building the largest "we" in human history and being Love@Scale.

Change Everything

Embracing CHANGE is the most essential skill of the 21st Century. We will begin with personal change and granting permission to oneself.  We will move to the context for change and the fast moving changes to the economy and larger context for start-ups, climate change, COVIDian realities.

Then to innovative business models with “values baked in” and to futurist informed and disruptive spaces. This work harnesses my 30+ years in driving, managing and harnessing change. 

Young people need elders who honour ancestors to understand this moment to help them build a new world that works for them and the future.

The real world realities require new ideas that give more than they take, ethics, creativity, tenacity and an understanding of systems dynamic tensions. Our lives, our work and serving the world must align; this is an opportunity for more whole people to build and repair the larger world through meaningful and truly impactful work. 

The missing ingredient in most courses about starting something, is that they fail to understand the personal journey of starting up, the collective experience and role of culture.  Startups require the tenacity of a marathon that gets run like a sprint. Startups are more art than science, they require creativity, bridging across disciplines and communities.  The best startups can align huge numbers of people into movements like Patagonia.

The best innovations harness the energy of the many creating benefits for even more, while solving nested problems for the long haul.  


  • Develop an ability to unstuck yourself from traditional systems and limiting beliefs.
  • Understand new ways of doing things - system change; a power to make systemic changes
  • Dancing with masses, learning both reconfiguring and disruption. 
  • Starting something where values are baked in/foundational not bolted onto the side as an afterthought.  The time to enshrine values is day one.  

Sessions schedule

Changing Everything: Starts with You

A high level look at change: change as a personal journey, a collective call, change as a context, collective change and landing change in the real world.

Change Business

Alignment of your whole self with creating something that makes the world more whole. Business and or other structures as a context to land change. Deeper Democracy and community sovereignty

Change Finance

Finance is the “Mother of all human made systems”, she is upstream from most decisions and shapes our world.

Change Made Real

Disruptive design, reconfiguring and “ the big we work”

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“Having Donna Morton as a fellow Ogunte Women's Social Leadership Award winner is an honour. Donna understands the essence of positive activism. She knows how to transform local economies, made by people for the people. For her and team at First Power, embracing art and culture and mixing them with clean energy, biomimicry and people-centred philosophy is key to sustainability. Aspiring Women Social Entrepreneurs are touched by her and she really gives them wings.” Servane Mouazan ICF PCC

Servane Mouazan ICF PCC

“Donna is a thoughtful and wise changemaker. She is a visionary amongst visionaries, a strategist with an integrative mind and compassionate heart, and a creative force of nature. She listens deeply, makes connections, brings folks together, and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work.” - M. Rako Fabionar, Co-founder Kinship Blooms

M. Rako Fabionar, Co-founder Kinship Blooms

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