EV Upcycling

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Joseph Sharp

I deep dived into all things sustainability and then became fascinated by the internal state reflecting all of this.

What practices can create internal sustainability and thriving that can reflect outwards

EV Upcycling

The untapped climate opportunity, let’s collaborate on creating your own projects and scaling this out to the world.

This exciting four part series, with guest speaker, Seb Smith from Zero EV, will help you explore the untapped climate, ecological and social benefits of upcycling cars, the challenges faced, how to plan your own conversion and opportunities for the future.

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The bigger Why.

Why we should upcycle to EV and then retrofit self-driving tech We explore the huge untapped climate, ecological and social benefits of upcycling cars vs buying new ones.

The current EV conversion landscape

Who’s currently doing it and why? We explore the multitude of reasons that inspire people to upcycle their cars or to set up as professional converters. We also explore some of the challenges and limitations currently being faced in the process of upcycling.

Plan your own

The ultimate time saver. A step-by-step guide for planning your own conversion with expert support + Q&A You will know how to plan, budget, source and collaborate with the right people to create your first EV conversion and build. Forget hours of Youtube and scraping forums. Take those first steps in the right direction based on your own unique objectives.

Opportunities for the future

How can we incorporate further circularity or even carbon negative aspects into our conversions and can we upgrade our up-cycled conversions to be self-driving at some stage? We look at retrofitting self-driving tech, possibilities of incorporating carbon negative materials like hemp into our conversion projects, end of life options for batteries, and what’s in store for the future of battery tech.

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Joe delivered a series of brand-specific and cross-brand Social Media/SEO training sessions when we worked together at Hearst Magazines UK. Joe was one of my favourite people to work with at Hearst: friendly, reliable, and very much my ‘go-to’ person. Joe would always take the time to help me out with my many queries about ‘digital’, works collaboratively, and has a patient, calm delivery style which made him popular with everybody across the organisation. I recommend Joe highly as a digital trainer.

Samantha Seal

Joe is receptive and intuitive, without being intrusive. He is insightful, gentle and helped me get to the crux of what was bothering me and offered some beautiful wisdom and compassion around it. I would highly recommend him as a coach.



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