Upcycling and Creating Jewellery from Bike Tyre Rubber and Inner Tubes

4 Session Live Course

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Laura Zabo

Laura Zabo strives to create a cleaner world by upcycling scrap tires. Working with discarded bicycle/car tires and inner tubes that she saves from a future as landfill, she has developed a visually stunning and environmentally focused selection of belts, jewellery, sandals, shoe soles, and even clothing.

The abundance of trash is a tremendous problem for our planet, and we need to make more room for ideas that help us get rid of it or transform the excess, instead of producing more and more.

The Course
Upcycling and Creating Jewellery from Bike Tyre Rubber and Inner Tubes

Today we live in a very unstable world and the future is unpredictable. Global warming, inflation, viruses, warzones and lot of depression and anxiety follows our journey. 

We need to find ways that support a conscious life, protect our planet, and offer financial security.

Join me in this unique live series where I will share the secrets of tyre upcycling, interesting stories about my inspirations, challenges, and the skills that I had to learn to become a successful upcycler. 

  • Learn a skill for yourself and surprise others with your new talent by creating memorable gifts. This new skill might lead you to earn some extra money, but also gives you the opportunity to refind yourself and build a new career 
  • Once you are an “upcycler” your vision on shopping will change dramatically, you will prefer to repair, than to buy new, will choose more and more often second hand items. Crafting is a brilliant skill because it reduces stress, boosts self-esteem, you will enjoy much more your life and your social activities.
  • Tyre rubber is called the vegan leather, because it offers similar attributions, without harming our nature. Working with scarp rubber improves your creativity.

Wearing tyre is brave and different. Are you ready to stand out from the crowd?

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Sessions schedule

Introduction session

Learn about the opportunities in tyre upcycling, find your motivation, goals.

Principles, frameworks and group work

Learn about different type of bike inner tubes, cleaning processes, tools, fittings, and everything that you will need for jewellery crafting. (Homework collect and clean your rubber)

Tools, mindset and real life case studies

We will start crafting and will teach you how to create my bestseller necklaces and earrings. With these cutting techniques you can already start make large varieties of jewellery from small and elegant pieces to bold statement pieces. ( Homework: create, finish your pieces that you can share in our next class.)

AMA’s, book clubs, masterminds

We will review some of your items, I will share some ZABO secrets, will help to avoid the most common mistakes.

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I came across Lara at Tonbridge Xmas Vegan Fayre in November 2021. I was immediately completely smitten with her beautiful jewellery and amazing designs. There is no Planet B! As a species, we waste so much. Lara is doing her bit to help minimise that waste, and create gorgeous accessories at the same time. I have now purchased so many of her pieces, and have never ever been disappointed. The quality is fabulous, the colours are bright and inviting, and her costs are so reasonable. It’s a total win win. :hearts::hearts::hearts:


As always, Laura doesn’t disappoint! Her jewelry is unique and environmentally conscious. I get so many comments on her pieces and truly love wearing them. Thanks again Laura!


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Upcycling and Creating Jewellery from Bike Tyre Rubber and Inner Tubes

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