Let’s Build a Regenerative Future Now

5 Session Live Course

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Sophie Wisbrun-Overakker

The time has come to regenerate, to do things differently to make all of nature thrive again.

To not only understand how to become more sustainable but to go beyond that and create a positive impact for a better, regenerative world.

We see this community as an ever-evolving living Earth's ecosystem, interconnected, co-creating, weaving, cross-pollinating and working together.

Together creating positive impact, and expanding our collective positive ripples to realize the regenerative future for all! Join us and let's work together and inspire each other to realise the regenerative future now!

Let’s Build a Regenerative Future Now

Be inspired by the beautiful wonders of nature (inside out) for a thriving life and thriving businesses, organizations and communities.

We'll connect together from various backgrounds and places in the world to start a regenerative conversation. Diving into the question of HOW:

🌱 How do we leave a regenerative legacy?

🌱 How do we just create nature positive impact?

🌱 How do we design our life, organizations and companies inspired by nature and as nature?

🌱 How can we realize, within our lifetime, a regenerative future, where all of life thrives and humanity's challenges are solved?

Who I made this course for?

Audience for mentor course

Business and Organizational Leaders

Who like to know how they could integrate purpose and sustainability more into their work and create more positive impact.


In start-ups and scale ups wondering how they could be more sustainable and create more positive impact through their business operations, services and products.

CEOs and C-Level Leaders

Who are ready for a next level on their sustainability journey, to transform their business towards leaving more positive impact.

Sessions schedule

Discover your Purpose. We all can be changemakers

Within this introductory 90 minute session, we will look to cover the following points; Why is there the need for regeneration? - Root cause of our issues today - Need for Systemic leadership and a new View - What is regeneration and regenerative leadership? - Purpose: what is it and why is it important? Inner Regeneration exercises: what can you ask yourself to find your purpose, your true natural essence? Purpose Sharing Session with the group Once we have discussed these points, we will know how to change our mindset from mechanical to an ecosystemic view. We will also know the importance of purpose and why it is our power for change. To cement this new mindset, we will work collaboratively to share and shape our own personal purpose.

Let’s build a regenerative future now.

In our second 90 minute session, we will cover; Recap what is regeneration? How is it different versus sustainability? What is a regenerative business or organisation? Some tools to apply. What and who are examples pioneering this approach? Co-creation sharing, Q&A with the group - where is your organization or business at and what regeneration steps could you make in your life and work? At the end, we will have a discussion what regenerative actions you can undertake with your business or life. “From knowing comes caring, from caring comes change”

Applying Nature’s Intelligence (Biomimicry) to business

In this nature inspired 90 minute session, we will dive into the below; What is biomimicry? What we can learn from nature in business? Background of where this applies into society, business and economies being inspired by nature, examples. Group exercise Towards the end of the session once we’ve built our understanding of biomimicry, we will share where you see opportunities to apply’s nature’s genius in your business.

What could be a good impact measurement tool - B Corp

Our final 90 minute session together! To compliment our last session on how to bring biomimicry into the workplace, we will delve into; History of B Corp What is it? Examples of B Corps How can you become a B Corp? How to become a regenerative B Corp? Group exercise .. readiness checklist for B Corp We will hold a group exercise to ensure you have a firm understanding of what the B-Corp movement is about, a readiness checklist for B-corp, and the ability to evaluate yourself against the eligibility of joining as a B-corp. In the final session we will recap on all action items. See where we stand with our business (Strategy/Purpose, Regeneration action plan/biomimicry, B Corp) and share back in the group what actions we pledge moving forward and where we need help on the journey.

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