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Lynne Lambourne

I'm Lynne, interiors addict and warrior on waste. I'm passionate about inspiring you to live more sustainably in a home that looks fantastic, doesn't cost the earth (literally) and that you love. I love upcycling old furniture to create unique pieces for peoples homes. I am always busy scouring charity shops and you'll often find me diving into skips to rescue something unique and interesting.

I wonder?

Sustainability Matters- Top tips and inspiration for sustainable living.

This series is aimed at helping people who care about sustainability make the first jumps into a more sustainable life. It should look aspirational and shot to give the viewer a feeling that sustainability is something that will make their life so much better, but also make the viewer feel that these swaps are easy and achievable.

We discuss the changes and share inspiration and top tips amount each other based on what we have watched.

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I wondr how to Garden more sustainably

Peat free compost and why thats important,Easy tips to grow your own veg, save water- water butts ect, leaving an area of grass to grown wild to encourage biodiversity, how important a compost bin is. How to make a bug hotel. All shot in my garden - I have lots of stock footage of my wildflower area ect so even if its not the right time of year we can include.

I wondr what easy sustainable changes I can make at home

Green Energy, refill shopping, turning thermostat down, electric cars, second hand shopping, plastic free- bees wax wraps, shampoo bars. LED Lights. Shop local and in season. Me talking to camera and going around my home explaining these easy changes. Shot in a fun fast way, maybe pick ten things to highlight.

I wondr how I can style my home with secondhand finds and stop furniture landfill.

Footage of me at a furniture charity shop and the picking something out and then taking it back to the workshop and upcycling it using chalk paint. Then leading on to a tour of the things I have upcycled in my house and how I have styled them. A few top tips of where you can find second hand treasures and some skip diving tips.

I wondr what how I can forage food and reduce food waste

Footage out and about in nature collecting nettles, dandylion leaves etc and some quick recipe ideas with them also showing cooking using things we would usually waste such as broccoli stems. Also some fun footage of regrowing lettuces and celery from the stems of the plants instead of binning them.

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