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Riikka Olli

We can and we must drive change

towards more sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

Conscious Consumerism - The Opportunities of Slowing Down & Avoiding Fast

This series will deep dive into the many different faces of fashion; the problems we see with the current system and how to make it sustainable

- Explore how tech impacts our choices

- Why are the high street ‘eco’ lines not actually that green?

- What is conscious consumerism?

- The rise of Rental, Repair and Resale

- The business opportunities in doing things right

Even if you’re not into manufacturing, textiles or fashion, the thought processes of this discussion can help in all aspects of life and industry - how do we care for what’s already there? 

Riikka will share her experience from working in Tech and E-commerce with PayPal to create the industry of 1-click checkouts. A period that gave Riikka an insight into the scale of the consumer problem through express checkouts. A habit that damages our ability to make conscious decisions when shopping. 

This was one of the revelations for Riikka that influenced her to find business opportunities and make better lifestyle choices.

Who I made this course for?

Audience for mentor course

Impact entrepreneurs

Anyone starting an entrepreneurial journey with sustainability as priority or considering options for starting a business

Professionals in sustainability

Anyone interested in circular business models, what they are, why we need them and how to support them
(Using the Fashion Industry as examples)

Conscious citizens

Anyone feeling overwhelmed and anxious about climate change, over consumption and future in general, and wondering how to have impact

Sessions schedule

Big Tech Wants Us Buying More

Current marketing tactics have 'brainwashed' us to always want more and new - here’s how we can start to rewire the mind to think more circularly Technology plays an important role in the changing world - but we need to learn critical thinking in the way we use it and let it control our lives. Your learning objective for the session: Understand how tech has and is shaping our behaviours How to ‘slow down’ - key is to recognise our behaviour patterns Fashion in particular - how to start building sustainable wardrobe. I will equip you with first things to consider and tools and methods to use such as minimalist/ capsule wardrobe, understanding your personal style etc

Courage to Consume Consciously

Having the courage to appreciate what is - stepping away from the spiral of filling our lives with new things. On a personal level, we can lead happier lives if we manage to connect with ourselves and others in more meaningful ways. I believe our constant growth / profit system is coming to its end and the way we consume must change drastically. Learning objective: Deep dive to the ‘consumer’ in all of us and what drives our behaviour? How to re-assess value systems: from consumer to creator If we challenge the ‘constant growth’ mindset, what could replace it? Learn to spot the opportunities

Keeping Things in Longer Use - Rental, Repair and Resale

Diving into the ways of creating new types of value without buying more new stuff. Learning objectives: Key concepts around circular economy and circular business models and why are they relevant right now? What small steps can you take in your day to day to support circularity Fashion : great example of an industry that can be transformed with applying circular methods

Opportunities to Enter Sustainable Business

It can be a hard world and industry to enter. Here are some of the steps and thinking that can help you realise you have the ability, you can build the skills and your potential is entirely possible. Believe in yourself and the future you want to create. Learning objectives: Re-thinking the business models : from linear to circular How do we create value in the circular world Example from the Fashion industry : from design to recycling Power of collaboration, communities, sharing

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Riikka is inspired, motivated and committed to sustainability, conscious consumerism and leveraging technology to find ways to help people make more sustainable choices. Her untiring focus, commitment and enthusiasm for the cause is infectious and inspiring

Simon Klein

Riikka was mentoring me when I was stuck with my career back in spring 2020. I was impressed with Riikka’s ability coach me by using science and her extensive background from working abroad. She listened, really made me think what I was actually looking for, gave tips and most importantly, taught me how to think two steps ahead.

Nelli Parviainen

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Conscious Consumerism - The Opportunities of Slowing Down & Avoiding Fast

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