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Shu Matsuo Post
Shu Matsuo Post Live Course Feminism

Shu Matsuo Post is a fiercely dedicated feminism advocate

Shu Matsuo Post is the author of I Took Her Name, where he shares his unique experience of changing his name after marriage in Japan.

He took seven months of paternity leave from his full-time work when he and his wife welcomed their first child in the fall of 2020. As an advocate for feminism, he works with organizations on how to better promote gender equity in the workplace.

He also teaches students in Japan how to confront gender expectations to live a more vulnerable, freer and happier life.

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The Course
Feminism for Men

Following on from Shu’s successful TED talk, he has pulled together a thought provoking series.

In this course Shu will talk about how feminism for men, and taking simple actions, can provide personal freedom in todays forward thinking, ever developing world.

Plus, you'll get a free copy of Shu's book - I Took Her Name -with promo code #PersonalFreedom

Who I made this course for?

Audience for mentor course

Recent Dad's, Soon-To-Be and Men all round

Dad's and men who want to create personal freedom from old social constructs.

HR Managers & 
Heads of Staff

HR managers, Chiefs of staff, managers and professionals who care about the working environments their people work in.

Social Equity Rights

People and groups who care about social equity and gender equality.

Sessions schedule

What is feminism? Why do men need it?

My Story - Who am I to talk about feminism as a man? Psychological Safety - This is a safe space to share your vulnerability Content: 4-Sessions Overview - what attendees will walk away with Commit to building trust throughout the series

What is patriarchy? How does it impact us all?

Patriarchy - how do we know our society is STILL patriarchal today? Impact - how does patriarchy affect all of us? Outcome - what do we all gain when we smash the patriarchy?

Parenthood - Why paternity leave will benefit everyone

Individual benefits Organisational benefits Societal benefits How to take parental leave What if I’m single or not interested in having kids?

Personal Freedom - How do we break free from the cage we are trapped in?

What is personal freedom? Steps to to achieve personal freedom in life Call to action for individuals and organisations

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It is a great pleasure working with Shu. Shu is an empowering leader, passionate, kind and dependable. His passion for people and inclusive culture inspires and motivates his team members to do their best. His vision drives his teams a purpose and gives them energy to accomplish their goals. I hope that Shu and I will have an opportunity to work together again in the future!

Emily M

As one of the co-organizers of the Tokyo 2021 Virtual Women's March, I was delighted by Mr. Matsuo-Post's participation as a guest speaker. His candidness and transparency about his journey of reckoning with sexism in Japan was refreshing to hear. In sharing the actions he took to be true to his convictions, from documenting his experiences in a book and having challenging conversations with friends and peers to challenging the restrictive Japanese law on surnames in court, he provided listeners of all genders with a model they could aspire to and follow.

Hinah E. Mian

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