The Climate Emergency: Ecological & Social Understanding 

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She Changes Climate

SHE Changes Climate exists to increase female representation at all levels of climate decision making, by influencing key players, campaigning for public support, collaborating with counterparts and amplifying the overlooked. Our vision is a world where women, in all their diversity, are active participants in just climate decision-making.

The course
The Climate Emergency: Ecological & Social Understanding

In this conversation, we’ll explore the climate emergency with Guest Speakers - Elise Buckle, Caroline Mair-Toby, and Divya Nawale. 

Together, we’ll be exploring the science and politics of the climate emergency. The importance of diversity and inclusiveness, intersectional environmental issues and a deep-dive into climate migration and current policies.

The key outcomes you’ll gain from the conversation: 

 🌱Be clued up on the current policies leading the way for environmental rights
🌱 How you can engage with your politicians to drive a more inclusive future

🌱 Be in the know on the trends affecting policy and learn about the most important issues relating to climate migration

Who I made this course for?

Audience for mentor course

Working woman

Own organisations around similar issues - unified interest

Youth network

Youth activists (late teens and early twenties) 

Passionate men supporting gender equality 

Sessions schedule

The climate emergency: the science and politics of a rapidly changing reality

Elise Buckle will discuss in a lecture mixed with dialogue and conversation; Diversity and inclusiveness: why we need a diversity of voices and stakeholders to advance a systemic transformation of society for sustainability Resilience, Resonance and Personal balance: guiding tips to stay happy, healthy and impactful.

Climate and environmental justice in the global south, with a focus on islands

Caroline Mair-Toby will discuss in a lecture mixed with dialogue and conversation; Indigenous rights in climate and environmental justice issues Climate and colonialism; Climate displacement and migration Trends of climate litigation.

How youth can take climate activism from the streets to action in the workplace

Divya Nawale will discuss in a lecture mixed with dialogue and conversation around the topic mentioned. More information to be shared shortly.

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The Climate Emergency: Ecological & Social Understanding

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