Understanding Circularity
for a Climate Action Plan
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Have you got a plan together on how you can help tackle the climate crisis? Are you worrying about the contribution your [position/company] is making?

We know there are several methods you can use to live sustainably: consuming less energy, recycling and composting, eating food that is produced locally, etc. We can also look to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, conserving the environment and work towards building a society that is more equal for all.

To be able to do this, we must be able to be flexible and resourceful, as well as able to collaborate with one another to find solutions to issues. Join me on this three week course where we discuss the importance of a circular system to help tackle the climate crisis from every level of your business. At the end of this course, you will be able to answer how [you/your company] can help tackle the climate crisis.

Course Outcome

Once completed, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to consider; minimalist life and its fundamental principles, real sustainability, reconnecting with nature and sustainable living in general.

Alongside these skills, you will be able to consider the future generations while understanding circularity and taking the time to deep dive into its origins. The overriding outcome of this is that you will have the fundamental skills in place to design a better future with a focus on climate leadership.

Meet your mentor

Rajeshwar Bachu
Shu Matsuo Post Live Course Feminism

I am Rajeshwar Bachu, founder of Zero-Carbon & Co-Founder of 42hacks - I am ready to give every minute of my time to save the planet.

- My passion is to transform the world and the environment by carrying the torch for the future.

- As I combine entirely new and ancient viewpoints, my mentoring approach is distinct from others and will eventually bring in a sustainable and climate-friendly future.I ask you the questions so you may answer them on your own.

- You leave with a fresh perspective on how to tackle the environmental issue and combat climate change.

Who I made this course for?

Audience for mentor course

Students & 
Aspiring Professionals

Starting out in your career - studying, working or learning about how to create a more sustainable future. This is a safe space for you to build skills and new thinking!

Business Owners & 

Building your own visions of the future? Join our cohort to rethink the way markets function and customer trends. Together we'll explore the opportunity you have to pioneer disruptive models for a better future.

Mid-Senior Managers fed up with BAU

Are you in management or an aspiring managers who doesn't want to recreate the old but invigorate the new? Join us to build the skills and thinking necessary for change.

Sessions schedule

Climate change and its root causes and how to solve it?

Within our first hour-long session, we will look to understand what climate change actually is and how this is connected to human activity. We will touch upon preventative measures that can be put in place.

First principles of how to design a better world

There are 10 key principles on how to design a better world that will sustain itself. Within this 60 minute session we will dive into what these are, why they are fundamental to change, how they can be put into action and maintained for future generations. We’ll explore the fundamental ideas behind creating a better society and provide a comparison to the one we now live in. You’ll learn techniques and approaches that can transform the modern world into a more compassionate one for people and the planet.

How does the Climate & Sustainable leadership differ from normal leadership?

Over the years, we have come to learn that climate & sustainable leadership differs from traditional leadership in a handful of ways. In this final hour-long session, we will look to understand these key differences, what leaders are looking at, how they are engaging and inspiring others to take action. We will also carve out time on how to educate others about the importance of sustainability and how everyone can play a role in creating a more sustainable future.

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Understanding Circularity for a Climate Action Plan

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