Working in Conservation - How to get into the Industry

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Danielle Carnahan

An experienced Elephant conservationist. Recent Masters graduate and early stage career conservationist. In Nepal working with Elephants. Looking to create a learning environment for budding conservationists to explore and learn about how to get into the industry.

Working in Conservation

Getting started in conservation can feel daunting– let’s change that. This series will walk you through setting yourself up for success and provide you with a clearer idea of how to accomplish your goals, a CV workshop, and building blocks for being a leader in the field.

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Getting Started in Conservation

This session will give you an outline for the rest of the series. We will touch briefly on each topic to give you a taste of what to prep for in each session!

Volunteering: The Good and The Bad

Finding volunteer opportunities isn’t always straight forward. While considering the ethics of the organization and the volunteer model they have, this session will break down how to find an opportunity that best fits your goals.

Building a Resume & Marketing Yourself

You don’t need a degree in conservation to work in conservation. But you do need a specialized skill set, which you already have! Let’s dive into how to identify and market your specific skills to find into your desired job.

Impactful Content Creation

Science communication is often a huge part of conservation work. If you’re looking to create impactful content and drive change through social media, this session will break down exactly how to go about establishing yourself online.

Open Discussion on Research and Possibilities

Following the research path does not have to mean getting a master’s or PhD, but it can! In this session I’ll share a bit about my research background and provide some pointers for getting started in the world of research, regardless of your level of education.

Creating Opportunities in the Field

The field will only change once we have conscious conservationists entering it. With the current norm of exploiting volunteers, underpaying staff, and expecting unnecessary sacrifices in order to succeed in conservation, it’s time to change the narrative. Let’s get into exactly how our generation can better the conservation field and create more opportunities for future conservationists.

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Working in Conservation

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